Directors' Forum - July 25, 2018

- How do I start an a cappella group at my school?

- How do I teach contemporary a cappella to middle school and high school students?

- Why should I market my group?

- How do I market my group?

- What educational experiences are there for my group?

- How many students should be in my group?

- Should my group be extra-curricular or curricular?

- What equipment or resources do I need?

- Where can I get sheet music for my group?

If you are a middle school or high school choral director in the area who is curious about how to start an a cappella group at your school, join us for a, FREE OF CHARGE, directors' forum on July 25th at 1pm. Please complete the registration form below.  (If you are using a mobile device, please CLICK HERE for the registration form.)